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All Hail The Slow Cooker

Updated: Jul 5

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I will admit something to you, I do not like cooking. I can multitask between the boardroom and the playroom and toggle between extremely disparate situations but when my brain has to wrap around ingredients and recipes, for some reason it just stops. The more I stress out, the more takeout I order, which isn't good for my savings account.

I honestly don't know what I'd do without my slow cooker. They are inexpensive to buy (the original Crock-Pot is than $30 on Amazon) and very easy to use - dare I say foolproof?

With a Crock-Pot or slow cooker, it really is as simple as throwing all your ingredients into the pot and forgetting about it until the timer goes off. No more standing over a hot stove or worrying about burning the food.

And the slow cooker isn't just for stews - you can make almost anything, from soup to roast, casserole, pudding, and more. Amazingly, slow cooker recipes require minimal ingredients and minimal preparation, making them a great option for the frazzled among us.

Because you can use cheaper cuts of meat and make meals in bulk, slow cookers will also stretch your grocery budget, which is important in today's climate of inflation. By relying on the slow cooker once or twice a week, you can cut down on the expense of takeout not to mention reduce the intake of unhealthy processed foods.

Some say that long cooking times and difficult clean up are downsides of slow

cookers, but I tend to disagree. A long cooking time allows you to put a meal in when you go to bed or leave for work and have it be ready when you get up or come home. As for clean up, how hard can it be to wash one pot? Overall, the crock pot is a game changer for those who hate to cook but want to enjoy homemade meals. With its ease of use, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, the crock pot is the ultimate kitchen companion.


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