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Hi! I’m Sarah,

Friend to Frazzled Working Parents and to Too-Busy Folks Everywhere.

Hi, I'm Sarah, a formerly frantic & frazzled working parent who wants us all to have a little more fun in life. Welcome to my blog and ecommerce space, where I create and curate items to help working parents get organized, stay inspired, and celebrate what they love.

There's a common saying - origin unknown - "stop and smell the roses." When was the last time you actually did that?

After more than 20 years balancing family life with a career in corporate America, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the daily grind of responsibilities. When my children were little, I remember many a day that I was convinced that fun was a luxury I would not have time for anytime in the near future.

When you are in a caregiving role and working full time, each day can be overwhelming and exhausting. Months can go by without a single whiff of a single rose. I can't relieve your responsibilities or put more hours in the day, but what I can do is share what has helped me find balance and joy in the midst of my own seemingly unending chaos.

Through my blog, I share lessons learned from adversity and my strategies for staying organized, managing time effectively, and finding inspiration in everyday moments. I also write about celebration, and I mean that quite broadly! I am fascinated by the vast diversity of human approaches to fun.

In my ecommerce space, you'll find a carefully curated selection of products that are designed to make life a little easier, so that ultimately YOU can have more fun. I started by sharing the planners & checklists, wallpaper, posters, and greeting cards that have made my own life a bit less stressful in recent times.

Thank you for stopping by! Whether you're a new parent trying to navigate the challenges of balancing work and family or a seasoned pro looking for fresh ideas, I invite you to explore my blog and ecommerce space. Together, we can create a community of support, inspiration, and celebration for all working parents.

Who We Are

Highrise Vista, LLC is a start-up

e-commerce business loated on unceded Potawatomi Territory in the City of Chicago, on Turtle Island, Planet Earth

Our purpose at Highrise Vista is to help more busy working people have more fun. Life is too short to wallow for long in the mire. Adversity is a necessity that has its uses, but each of us has the power to keep rising high. 

Get organized, stay inspired, and celebrate life!

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