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A close up of two small plastic insects stuck to the inside of a highrise apartment window. There is a red dragonfly on the left and a blue butterfly with a yellow head, the bugs are in focus in the foreground; the background is a cityscape on a rainy day, you can see the raindrops on the window.
a close up of the window from inside a highrise apartment, showing two decorative bugs in the foreground that are stuck to the window, and in the background, the city of Chicago on a rainy day, looking South from North Avenue.

Let's Rise Above It All

TIME: We at Highrise Vista are keen on making life easier for fellow working parents with time management tools, tips for staying organized, and advice on balancing work and family life.

HOME: An uncluttered home produces an uncluttered mind in which peace of mind can flourish. The right mindset, along with the right storage solutions and handy gadgets, will get you there.

SELF: Making a living while raising a family can leave no time for the self, so we find ways to continuously care for ourselves with goal setting, self-reflection, and self-coaching.

LIFE: Let's not forget to celebrate life! We are here for all the birthdays, holidays, and milestones.


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